Single parenting is increasing across America, and we understand the challenges for parents as well as children, since our founder has experienced the challenges herself. The mantra “it takes a village” inspired us to create a privacy protected digital village to help single parents.

Morning Light Alliance (MLA) leverages the connectivity advantages of the internet of things (IOT) and social media, without the public and negative aspects that have come with many for-profit businesses.

Something as simple as carpooling is just one example of where single parents can help each other. Our private “village” is designed to scale and become hundreds if not thousands of villages, interconnected and organized by geolocation to help single moms within 45 minutes of each other. Single parents can post their scheduling needs on their private profile page and choose to share it with family, friends, church members, or other single parents who are members of MLA. Membership is free, and when members are overloaded, they can choose to post anything from babysitting to dogsitting needs to their set “lists” of recipients.

MLA also helps connect single parents to local organizations such as the YMCA, Big Brother Big Sister programs, and more.