When you register privately, you can fill in as few or as many fields as you want on your profile. Or, you can just check the village bulletin board with updates on opportunities that may include financial assistance for daycare, legal aid for single parents, upcoming free events for kids by age in your area, free or discounted fitness clubs, and many other resources within 45 minutes of where you live.

If you need financial help, you can choose to let us know. As we raise funds from donors, we allocate them based on need to members. If you choose to invite friends to see your private profile they can choose from three ways to participate:
A) Make recommendations to opportunities that you may not be aware of.
B) Volunteer their time to help with something as simple as picking up dry cleaning or watching your dog while you take a needed weekend afternoon off.
C) Donate some dollars to help you pay something like a utility bill.

If they choose to donate, the funds go through our non-profit structure, and then directly to you. This way the donor gets a tax deduction and you get the funds. To help Morning Light Alliance continue to grow, you can choose to have 5% go towards our administrative overhead costs, or receive all of the donation directly into your account. This is one of the key innovative differentiators with MLA, because too often donations to non-profits end up with a large portion going towards overhead. We set up MLA to help you!

Some social media has divided us, but our MLA private village platform is designed to unite us for the good of you and your children.